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A lot of my clients have found that my articles are a great (free!) resource. I talk through some of these points in my sessions, so reading ahead is a great way to get ahead on the journey to making improvements in your life.

  1. OilOnWater

    Do you know  just how powerful your mind really is? You have the opportunity to achieving everything that you want in life. The only setback that will get in the way of holding you back is your own mind. Think about it. Why are some people successful while others are […]

  2. autumn_background_209020

    Stress is enviable and sometimes we allow stress to get the best of us. Although we can’t control what happens around us, we can control what happens within us.  I’ve been busy working on my upcoming book, The Power of Adversity which will release in Jan 2015. I’ve also  put […]

  3. file3001342391254

    I’ve been listening to John Maxwell’s audio, “The 15 Unvaluable Laws of Growth” and I decided to write an article about intentional growth. What comes to mind when you think about intentional growth? It seems like so many of us want success but only a small percentage of people actually […]


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