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A lot of my clients have found that my articles are a great (free!) resource. I talk through some of these points in my sessions, so reading ahead is a great way to get ahead on the journey to making improvements in your life.

  1. nature 1

    Excerpt from The Power of Adversity-A Guide To Finding Your Greatest Gift In Life:  I know that you and I may very well have a different viewpoint on religion and spirituality but the focus in this section of the book is to encourage you to explore your spiritual side. Spirituality […]

  2. flower_summer_flowers_yellow_flower

    So, I’m in the process of taking 4 advanced coach training courses at The Institute of Life Coach Training. I’m currently taking Foundations, Business of Coaching, Intro to Relationships and Marriage Coaching. By the end of this year, I’ll become a Certified Relationship Coach Specialist where I can continue to […]

  3. malva_moschata_sky_clouds

    It’s been about a week since my Indiegogo campaign ended. Although we didn’t reach our target goal of $10,000, I’ve learned so much a long the way. The main purpose of having this campaign was to share the message of The Power of Adversity and the type of woman that I’ll become […]


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